Englewood man found not guilty in murder cover-up

March 25, 2014

Man acquitted in alleged cover-up of brutal murder

On March 25, 2014, a Bergen County jury acquitted an Englewood man accused of helping to cover up the brutal murder of an aspiring hip-hop artist. Following a seven week trial, Delroy Clarke was found not guilty of unlawful possession of a weapon as well as several other counts of hindering apprehension.

Prosecutors had alleged that Randy Manning shot and killed Rhian Stoute in an abandoned house in Englewood, then badly burning the body and dumping it in Paramus before turning to Clarke for help in covering up the crimes. While Clarke was acquitted, Manning was convicted by the same jury the next day.

Mr. Clarke was represented by Hackensack attorney Kevin W. Roe. In confronting the State’s case, Mr. Roe highlighted a wiretap conversation between Clarke and Manning, arguing that the tape demonstrated Clarke’s lack of knowledge of the murder. In a rare occurrence, Mr. Roe cross examined the accused killer, getting him to admit he had attempted to frame Clarke for the murder of Stoute.

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