Englewood man not guilty of murder

July 11, 2009

Jury rejects testimony of supposed eyewitness

Following a lengthy jury trial, Jarrell Bordeaux, 20, of Englewood, NJ, was found not guilty of the murder of a friend.

Prosecutors had alleged that Bordeaux shot and killed Jason Banks at an Englewood housing development following a dispute between the two friends. The State presented the testimony of Joelle Culvert, Bordeaux’s girlfriend, who claimed to see Bordeaux murder Banks near her backyard.

In a surprising turn of events, Culvert’s testimony unravelled under cross examination by Hackensack attorney Kevin G. Roe. In the middle of trial, Roe got Culvert to admit that her fingerprints were on the alleged murder weapon, which had not been found. Roe was also able to draw damaging inconsistencies between Culvert’s story and conclusions reached by the medical examiner.