Englewood men spared lengthy prison sentence in carjacking case

February 18, 2015
Two Englewood men were spared a lengthy state prison sentence by a Hackensack judge following a guilty plea to an amended charge of theft in connection with a 2013 carjacking. Under a deal with prosecutors, the men faced a maximum of five years incarceration. Had they been convicted of the original charges of carjacking and armed robbery, each may have faces upwards of thirty years in prison. 
At sentencing, their attorneys, Kevin W. Roe of The Law Office of Kevin G. Roe, and Adamo Ferreira of Degrado Halkovich, persuaded the Honorable James J. Guida, J.S.C. to impose the minimum three year term, citing their lack of criminal history, gainful employment, and solid reputation in the community, despite the prosecutor's request for a five year sentence.
If admitted to the intensive supervision program, they may spend as little as sixty days incarcerated.