Practice Areas

Our office represents clients in a variety of criminal matters, including:  Homicide, aggravated assault, assault by auto, narcotics offenses, robbery, burglary, arson, and theft.

In New Jersey and New York, drunk driving is considered an especially serious motor vehicle offense. A person convicted of drunk driving faces loss of driving privileges, substantial fines, and in some cases time in jail. Our office has the experience and resources required to defend drunk driving cases and to protect your driving privileges.

Our office represents clients in a variety of Municipal Matters, including:  Disorderly persons offenses, speeding, driving while suspended, reckless/careless driving, motor vehicle accidents, and equipment violations.

Our office handles civil matters in the Courts of New Jersey and New York both as counsel for Plaintiff's and Defendant's. Please call us to discuss your case with an experienced member of our staff.

In the internet age, personal information, including criminal records, are easily accessible to employers, family, and anyone who looks. Persons convicted of certain criminal offenses may be eligible to have these records erased. Our experienced staff will petition the Superior Court for an Order erasing your criminal convictions and arrest records from the State database. Please contact our staff to determine your eligibility.

If you believe you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of a crime, our office may be able to help.