Despite the best efforts of lawyers, judges, and legal professionals, wrongful convictions are a reality. Persons convicted of crimes have the right to have their case reviewed by a higher court. Because the law limits the time in which an appeal may be filed, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced appellate attorney as soon as possible.

Factors that can result in a wrongful conviction include incomplete disclosure of all discovery by the State, the improper introduction of irrelevant and prejudicial evidence at trial, incorrect instructions given to the jury, and ineffective assistance of counsel. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can provide new perspective.

The Law Office of Kevin G. Roe enjoys an accomplished appellate practice. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough review of your case to determine whether your conviction should be appealed. Convictions typically carry a presumption of validity: nothing short of persuasive legal writing and compelling oral argument will suffice.

Some of our successful appeals include:

If you believe you have been wrongfully convicted, please contact us to set up a personalized review of your case.