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The Law Office of Kevin G. Roe

Following a distinguished tenure under legendary attorney Frank P. Lucianna, Kevin G. Roe founded his current practice at Summit Crest in September of 1988. For over twenty-five years, the Law Office of Kevin G. Roe has provided exceptional legal representation for clients in the local, state, and federal courts of New Jersey and New York. A zealous and relentless advocate, Mr. Roe gets results for his clients.

Known for unparalelled cross-examination, extensive knowledge of law and procedure, and exceptional trial instincts, Mr. Roe has tried hundreds of cases to favorable verdicts on a variety of matters. From murder trials, to suppression motions, to civil cases, Mr. Roe goes all out for his clients.

Whether you are charged in a criminal case in state or federal court, are defending or seeking to institute an action in civil court, or have to appear in municipal court, we can help. Mr. Roe is supported by a skilled, professional staff who will meet with you personally to discuss your case. Our office will conduct a thorough investigation and put your interests first.

If you face a day in court, don’t go without experienced counsel who will give you your best chance to succeed. Call today to set up a personalized consultation.